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Transfer iPhone Music to Android

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Android

In modern time, people rely on mobile phone and treat it as good assistant. They are busy with working and studying. People try to get relax during rest. Music is our top option. Put some favorite songs in our phone, we can listen whenever we want or wherever we go. However, phone users usually change their phone once a year at least. Then how to transfer music between two different kind of cell phone?

Lucky that we find one powerful and professional software -- Phone Transfer, which is designed to solve this problem. Definitely, it’s great news for music addict. It also can copy your playlist, contacts, photos, videos, etc. between two phones. Anyway, Phone Transfer can detect and convert songs automatically after few clicks.

Now, let’s download the trial version of Phone Transfer and follow the steps below to transfer songs from iPhone to Android. In the meanwhile, you can transfer your contacts, photos, videos, text messages, etc. in the similar way.

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Android

Step 1. Download and launch the program

First thing you do is to download and run Phone Transfer software on your computer. In the meanwhile, make sure you got iTunes on your PC before. Then select the mode of "Phone to Phone Transfer" to move on.

Step 2. Connect and scan your files

Next, when both phones are connecting to your computer with USB cables, make sure everything is going well, and you will see picture below. After you press "flip" button, the position of phones will be changed. The data is transfer from Source phone to Destination phone. Now, check which files you want to transfer, like Music, Contacts, Text messages. What’s more, if you want to clean your data before copy, you can click "Clear Data Before Copy" at them bottom of page.

Step 3. transfer music to Android phone

Choose the data you want to transfer. If you only want to copy music, remove others like contacts, text messages, pictures, etc. After that, tap "Start Copy".

Notes: During the transfer process, check connection of your computer and phones, make sure it work until transfer program finished.

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Transfer iPhone Music to Android

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