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BlackBerry Contacts to Android

How to Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to Android

As the main operating system of smart phones, Android enjoys great popularity among mobile users nowadays. Nevertheless, when these mobile users switch to Android phone, they may be stuck in transferring their contacts from the old phone to Android. Actually, a practical software called Mobile Transfer can release you from this trouble. Here I want to take the transfer between BlackBerry and Android as an example.

Mobile transfer makes the data transfer between two totally different operating systems, like BlackBerry, Android and iOS, become possible. Moreover, no matter what system version use, it is workable. It supports the transfer of all kinds of data, including messages, photos, music, sms, contacts, call history and so on. Taking advantage of it, you can easily solve the problem of phone data transfer.

Mobile Transfer – Move your data from BlackBerry to Android

If you are in need of transferring messages, contacts as well as call history, Mobile Transfer can do you a great favor. The operation guide is provided for you underneath and you can perform by yourself within several minutes.

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Steps to Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to Android

Step 1. Copy your data in BlackBerry by using Desktop Software

At the first place, you should copy the data in your BlackBerry phone with the help of BlackBerry® Desktop Software. You cannot ignore this step unless you have already done it.

Build the connection between your BlackBerry phone and computer. You are required to run the app and backup your BlackBerry on your computer by tapping Back up now.

Step 2. Link your Android Phone with computer

After downloading the Mobile Transfer app, you need to run its installation on your computer. When you see the window as below, click "Restore from Backup".

Step 3. Moving BlackBerry contacts to Android

You are allowed to select the form of BlackBerry backup file by clicking the pull-down menu which is located on the left side. The data you transfer is optional. The transfer of contacts, SMS, call history are all attainable. You can choose what you want and start the transfer procedure through tapping the button Start Copy. The button Clear data before copy is alternative as well. You can tick it when would like to erase the data in your Android phone before moving. If you don’t have such kind of need, leave it alone.

This is the simple process of contacts transfer which is from BlackBerry to Android. The transfer of messages, contacts and call history can be conducted in the same way. What are you waiting for? Hurry to click and download it underneath.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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BlackBerry Contacts to Android

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